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Traffic Law

The colour of Mandatory Sign is …
The driver of a motor vehicle is required to _____ if his/her vehicle breaks down or stops for an emergency reason on an expressway or a road with a speed limit exceeding 50 km/h.
A child passenger of _____ or above must wear approved child restraint safety belt.
Under what circumstances may a driver cross 'Double White' lines?
Before you carry out any manoeuvre (moving off, turn about, parking) you must…
Which kind of tyre should be equipped on the same axle?
On which kind of roads you must not stop your car?
Under what circumstances can a driver cross the double white lines?
A junction with intermittent double white lines means…
What should you do if visibility is poor when driving in heavy rain and / or thick fog?
Under what conditions that it is dangerous to start your engine?
When parking down hill, turn the steering wheel to the …
According to law, what kind of documents that motor vehicles driven on the road should hold?
Under normal condition, it is safe to maintain a distance of _____ time gap with the vehicle in front.
Alcohol per 100 ml of urine should not exceed…
After the transfer of ownership of a registered motor vehicle, the registered owner should inform the Commissioner for Transport within…
Traffic Law
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