Mock Written Test

Traffic Law

When parking uphill with no kerb, driver should turn the steering wheel to the…
When both red and amber traffic lights are on, a driver should…
Inside the tunnel area, a green downward arrow means…
Double White Lines' does NOT mean...
What is the maximum speed limit on the road?
Is learner/probationary motorcycle driving licence holder allowed to carry passenger?
Under normal situations, which side would you select when overtaking other vehicles?
Which type of white line allows overtaking?
Under which condition that one can be exempted from wearing seat belt?
In the event of a breakdown on the expressway, you should…
When driving on a slippery road, you should increase…
Under which situation can we overtake from the left?
On an expressway with three or more traffic lanes, medium, heavy goods vehicles and buses must use the nearside lane unless:
What factors will affect the thinking distance?
Traffic Law
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