Mock Written Test

Traffic Law

When driving a vehicle with length exceeding _____ , a sign must be fitted to the rear of the vehicle.
Unless in an emergency, if you want to stop a car at a speed of 50km/h quickly and safely, you must…
Before reversing a heavy goods vehicle, the driver should…
Which passenger seat is the safest for a child passenager?
In the expressway Ordinance, which kind of vehicles is prohibited from using the offside lane?
Under which situation can we overtake from the left?
What is the maximum speed limit on the road?
In an emergency stop, a 10m long skid-mark on a dry road surface indicates that the travelling speed is likely to be…
Under which of the following conditions that the hazard warning lights should be switched on
When you are overtaking the vehicle at the front, but it accelerates suddenly, you should…
It is illegal to drive when:
When driving on an expressway, you should keep your speed under _____ when an amber light is flashing.
Unless with special permission, which kind of driver cannot use the expressway?
What should you do if visibility is poor when driving in heavy rain and / or thick fog?
Traffic Law
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