Mock Written Test

Traffic Law

Pedestrians must not cross a road within _____ of a footbridge or zebra crossing, other than by using the footbridge or zebra crossing.
You must not drive a vehicle when the load is more than _____ in width.
Which type of vehicle needs a longer stopping distance?
The maximum speed limit for buses, medium and heavy goods vehicles is …
What should a driver do if suffered from illness whilst driving?
When driving a vehicle with an overhanging load, you must ensure that there is a red flag not less than _____ be tied at the rear.
The following is illegal:
You must not drive a vehicle when the load is higher than _____ from the road surface.
Under which situations may you sound your horn:
When you hear the siren of a fire engine, you must…
In a single-track road, there is an oncoming vehicle and the passing place is on your side, you should…
What is the meaning of 'Traffic control ahead' sign?
Traffic Law
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