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Traffic Law

In what way will alcohol affect drivers' driving ability?
When driving down hill, you should…
If your vehicle could be an obstruction to traffic, you are required to stand the warning triangel on the road at a distance of _____ from the vehicle.
If an animal appears in front of the car, a driver should…
On a sunny day and the road surface is dry, a car travelling in 80km/h will not be able to stop is less than:
Under what condition will the alcohol absorption rate into the blood increase?
On an expressway with three or more traffic lanes, medium, heavy goods vehicles and buses must use the nearside lane unless:
This count down sign indicates the distance is …
Before reversing a heavy goods vehicle, the driver should…
You must not drive a vehicle when the load is more than _____ in width.
You must not drive a vehicle when the load is higher than _____ from the road surface.
What kind of vehicles can use a bus lane?
The warning trangle we use to warn other drivers when our vehicle breaks down should be of _____ reflective and fluorescent surface.
When driving down a hill, you see an obstruction ahead and an oncoming vehicle. You should…
Under which situations may you sound your horn:
Which lane should you keep when driving on an expressway?
Traffic Law
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