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Traffic Law

If the vehicle breaks down on a expressway, you should…
Ovetaking is allowed on the _____ when driving on a one-way road.
What factors will affect the thinking distance?
A flashing 'Green man' light means you should…
The warning trangle we use to warn other drivers when our vehicle breaks down should be of _____ reflective and fluorescent surface.
What is the proper way to make a U-turn when driving on a dual carriageway?
Which of the followings is an unsafe and Incorrect method to use airbags?
If your car breaks down inside a tunnel, you should…
In a single-track road, there is an oncoming vehicle and the passing place is on your side, you should…
Under what condition will the alcohol absorption rate into the blood increase?
In a traffic accident causing no injury, the driver…
When crossing a road junction and the traffic light turns amber, you should…
When parking down hill, what gear should be used after switching off?
On an expressway with three or more traffic lanes, medium, heavy goods vehicles and buses must use the nearside lane unless:
Except for private cars, light goods vehicle and motorcycles, at what age can a person apply to drive the other types of vehicles?
Traffic Law
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