Mock Written Test

Traffic Law

When approaching a cross road and the traffic lights trun red, you must…
You must not drive a vehicle when the load extends beyond the front of the vehicle by more than _____ .
A silent zone is …
Under what circumstances may one enter the light rail railway crossing box marking?
Under what conditions that it is dangerous to start your engine?
When the amber light is on, you should pull up unless you are so close to the _____ and by doing that abruptly might cause an accident.
A driver can pick up and drop off passengers of disabilities in restricted zones except…
Unless with special permission, which kind of driver cannot use the expressway?
When driving a vehicle with an overhanging load, you must ensure that there is a red flag not less than _____ be tied at the rear.
You should use dipped headlamps to …
Under which situation that learner drivers are allowed to practise on the road?
Traffic Law
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