Mock Written Test

Traffic Law

According to law, what kind of documents that motor vehicles driven on the road should hold?
The warning trangle we use to warn other drivers when our vehicle breaks down should be of _____ reflective and fluorescent surface.
What is the proper way to make a U-turn when driving on a dual carriageway?
Inside a tunnel, under what circumstances may a driver cross or drive on 'double white' lines at the centre of the road?
When learning to drive a private car you must be accompanied by …
For safety sake, driver should maintain the tyre at…
Under what conditions that it is dangerous to start your engine?
You must not drive a vehicle when the load extends beyond the rear of the vehicle by more than _____ .
If your vehicle could be an obstruction to traffic, you are required to stand the warning triangel on the road at a distance of _____ from the vehicle.
In a single-track road, there is an oncoming vehicle and the passing place is on your side, you should…
Which types of the following vehicles will be influenced by wind most?
Before reversing a heavy goods vehicle, the driver should…
The colour of Mandatory Sign is …
A junction with intermittent double white lines means…
Traffic Law
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