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Traffic Law

If your rear view is obstructed when reversing, you should…
You must not drive a vehicle when the load extends beyond the front of the vehicle by more than _____ .
A flashing 'Green man' light means you should…
Under what conditions that it is dangerous to start your engine?
What is the maximum speed limit on the road?
The required minimum depth of tread is at least _____ and covered at least 3/4 of the width of the tyres.
What will be next if the traffic light is red & amber?
The driver of a motor vehicle is required to _____ if his/her vehicle breaks down or stops for an emergency reason on an expressway or a road with a speed limit exceeding 50 km/h.
A junction with intermittent double white lines means…
Which type of vehicle needs a longer braking distance?
Under what circumstances, the police has the authority to demand a driver to take a screening breath test?
The other drivers may not hear your horn driving on an expressway under heavy rain. The best way to show your presence is…
When driving down a hill, you see an obstruction ahead and an oncoming vehicle. You should…
Inside the tunnel area, a green downward arrow means…
Traffic Law
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