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Traffic Law

Except for private cars, light goods vehicle and motorcycles, at what age can a person apply to drive the other types of vehicles?
What will be next if the traffic light is red & amber?
Pedestrians must not cross a road within _____ of a footbridge or zebra crossing, other than by using the footbridge or zebra crossing.
In what way will alcohol affect drivers' driving ability?
When driving a vehicle with length exceeding _____ , a sign must be fitted to the rear of the vehicle.
Alcohol per 100ml of breath should not exceed…
You must not drive a vehicle when the load is more than _____ in width.
When both red and amber traffic lights are on, a driver should…
You must not drive a vehicle when the load extends beyond the rear of the vehicle by more than _____ .
For safety sake, driver should maintain the tyre at…
Inside a tunnel, under what circumstances may a driver cross or drive on 'double white' lines at the centre of the road?
When driving on an expressway, you should keep your speed under _____ when an amber light is flashing.
If your vehicle breaks down on dual carriageways or roads with faster traffic, you should stand the warning trangle on the road at a distance of _____ from the obstruction.
Generally speaking, the right lane of a dual or multi lane highway is for…
Traffic Law
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